TAMAR Kids: Reconnecting Sea, Sea Turtles and Local Culture

TAMAR Kids: Reconnecting Sea, Sea Turtles and Local Culture

TAMAR, which is an initiative from Pro-TAMAR Foundation (a non-governmental institution, non-profit, founded in 1988) started its conservation activities in the early 80's, in Brazil. Internationally recognized as one of the world's most successful experiences on sea turtle conservation worldwide, the program serves as a model for other countries, especially because it involves coastal communities directly in its socio-environmental work. The environmental education program developed by the Project aims to stimulate the formation of citizens, creating greater consciousness and awareness regarding sea turtles and helping to construct a sustainable society. In this context, the TAMAR's research stations developed programs, focusing on creating greater environmental awareness among school children. This program, called Tamar in to provide training skills and environmental education to children from local communities, showing them models for sustainable living and developing their potential as positive contributors to social and environmental awareness and change. Additionally, they promote social inclusion and cultural appreciation, using sea turtles as a flagships species to improve quality of life of local community members.

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    Conservation Education
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    South America
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    Sea Turtles
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