Big River Education and Leadership Initiatives

Big River Education and Leadership Initiatives

Living Lands & Waters (LL&W) is a non-profit organization established in 1998 with the primary mission of removing aquatic debris from our nation's largest rivers. In 2011, LL&W expanded its programs to include educational workshops, focusing on identifying conservation leaders and developing their leadership skills and knowledge base in regards to river stewardship. In the fall of 2018, this program will bring an estimated 900 students (grades 7-12) to our floating classroom barge through 30 workshops along the Ohio River--the most polluted river in the US according to the EPA. LL&W's workshops focus on issues such as water pollution, overfishing, plastic debris and freshwater scarcity. They engage students in hands-on activities, inspiring action that will preserve and protect the Ohio River. Workshops take students out on the water via LL&W's jon boats, providing the students with a river experience, creating a connection that is new to many students. Other techniques used to foster leadership and inspire solutions include sharing the story of LL&W's founder, Chad Pregracke, proving how one person can make a difference and promoting and encouraging students to participate in SeaWorld's "My Actions" program.

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    Conservation Education
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    North America
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    Freshwater Ecosystems
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